This panel allowing you the review all commodities for stored markets in database.

Overview Edit

Commodities Panel

By default, the list of commodities is shown for the current trade market, but you can change the market by clicking onto the drop-down menu above the list, where the displayed market is selectable.

Shown are the SELL and BUY price, the current STOCK and the galactic AVERAGE. The arrows behind those values are an indication, what has changed between the last and your actual update done of the commodity list. A green arrow shows a positive change to you, red a negative.

When clicking on a displayed value of the SELL, BUY or STOCK column, you can change it manually. Press enter to finalize the input done.

You can also reduce the list to only available commodities with the COMPACT VIEW button above the scrollbar.

With a click on SELECT CATEGORY, only the commodities of a certain category are shown.

At the right side is a price history displayed, if you have a commodity selected from the list. Below the history, you can see the TOP 5 trade markets close to you, and what profit you can make, if you transport the selected commodity between the markets.