Factions panel

The Faction panel can monitor selected factions from the game at different star systems, their progress, allegiance and government.

At first you see an overview of your current star system. Below that, your will find all factions operating in this star system. TCE stores all factions of star systems, your visit and you can see them with the Stored Factions button.

Here or before your can select a faction to monitor by clicking onto the empty square in front of the faction name. You can select to a maximum of 99 factions to monitor simultaneously.

You can select each faction with a dropdown at the top. if you have selected a faction, all star systems are shown, where the faction operates. Because TCE updates the faction standings only, if you have visited again the relevant star systems, you can quickly edit manually the faction values by hand, if you have not the time for visiting. Make a double-click onto a value and change them manually. Don't forget to hit the ENTER key after a change, if appropirate.

Below the star systems overview, you see a summary of all factions, that operating also the same star system as the monitored faction. You can change all values here again manually, if required.

Click the Show History button to see a chart display of the influence changes within a star system for all factions. To remove a faction from the list, change the influence level of that faction to 0 (zero).