TCE covers various aspects of Elite Dangerous, not only trading, as the name assumes.

Here is a list of features, that TCE provides:

General Edit

  • Game overlay for total immersion (text-based or icon-based)
  • Easy data input for all kinds of informations
  • Multi-Monitor support up to 5
  • Moveable panels by drag'n'drop
  • Individual interface color
  • Selectable panel/font size and transparency
  • Selectable font for the interface
  • Multi-language support (ENG/GER/FRA/RUS/SPA)
  • Sound FX
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Event reporter messages
  • Text-to-Speech for the event reporter
  • Extensive options panel for individual control
  • 88k+ star systems
  • 49k+ pre-named trade stations to discover
  • Local database

Navigation Edit

  • Accurate position tracking in space
  • Accurate position tracking on planets incl. map
  • Surface Navigation on planets with stored locations
  • Star system neighborhood survey and content
  • Waypoint calculation
  • Travel logbook
  • Bookmark system
  • Points of interest marking

Trading Edit

  • Best trade station auto-selection
  • Trade advisor showing best commodities to trade
  • Imports/exports of a trade station
  • Available outfitting of a trade station
  • Available ships of a trade station
  • Bidirectional trade route finder for best profits
  • Multi-Hop trade route planner
  • Cargo and material tracking
  • Encouraging and exciting trade exploration
  • Income and spending for many activities
  • Location finder for mission critical commodities
  • Quickly findable outfittings, ships and rares, where to buy

Exploration Edit

  • Stellar cartography for star systems and planets
  • Adding of stars and planets by scanning
  • Manual adding of stars and planets
  • Star system map
  • Region summary with statistics
  • Screenshots of stars and planets

Support Edit

  • One-Click EDMC support, when installed.
  • One-Click EDDB-Relay support, included.
  • Starter database creation with prepopulated trade station data
  • Mass-update of all stored commodity prices
  • BGS tracking of minor factions
  • Multi-Commander/Account

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