General Informations Edit

TCE is designed to aid the player as much as possible in the area's of trading, missions, navigation and exploration. It didn't has an IWIN button, so the users have to make decisions based on the data, TCE provides.

TCE is delivered with an empty market database, so you have to visit the markets to store several data attached to the market, like the offered commodities, shipyard and outfitting gear.

You can also create a pre-populated market database including all markets within a designated distance of light years around your current position. That can be quickly done with the EDDB-Relay (Extension tab) of the launcher of TCE.

TCE is primary designed to have a local database, but will let you also accessing online (crowdsourced) data. These data, provided by EDDB/EDDN, will reduce the need of trucking to every registered market place to update the commodity price database. That can also be done with the EDDB-Relay.

The best way to collect the market data is by installing the EDMC support app, which connects to the companion app of Elite Dangerous and downloads the entire data of the market with a single click at the CONNECT button.

The last method is the manual add of data for all commodities and the shipyard, which is a little time consuming, but you don't need any support tools at all.

Trading Edit

This is the main task of TCE; remembering all data from visited markets, and finding profitable trades to make a bunch of credits.

When landing at an unregistered market, you should add it to your database and collect the commodity, shipyard and outfitting (outfitting data is only available through EDMC) data by using the Connect button (EDMC) or by manual input. These data will get a timestamp on adding, so you will later know how old the data of a market is.

If a market is already in your database, you should check all data, because they possibly changed. This is also done with the Database panel. To quickly access the market, click the Position display and select modify market.

If you are collecting the data from different markets, TCE will suggest profitable trades, showing them at the Trade Advisor of the Trade Overview panel between your current and the most profitable market at your database.

Adding more and more trade data from markets, you will quickly find good trades to raise you credits account and invest it in better gear and ships.

You can also use the Route Finder to search through your collected data of markets and find the most profitable bidirectional (A > B > A) trade route. This will give you the most credits from trading, but the route could run dry after some trades, so collecting more market data will give you the opportunity to select between multiple trade routes.