The Planetary Map panel gives you an overview of all registered locations and installations positions on the planet, you are currently. The map shows the latitude and longitude coordinate of each location, incl. your own position and your heading.

Your are able to zoom in the map around your location with with button at the top of the panel.

Furthermore, you can easily add new locations to your database with the bottom left menu. There you can select different types of locations and after you selected one, move the location icon at your mouse button to the position you like. Click the map position and you will get a location data window, where you can edit the location name and it's coordinates. Click the Save button to store the location into your database.

You can also remove locations from the map with the Delete Location button at the bottm right corner of the panel.

While moving the mouse button above the Planetary Map panel, the latitude and longitude values are shown at the bottom mid of the panel.

Hide the Planetary Map to return to the Minimap panel.