There are two displays, which shows you important information’s about your position and your destination in Elite Dangerous.

Position display Edit

his display shows your current position in Elite: Dangerous®. It shows the star system name, the location in it and the allegiance status, economy and last update of commodity prices of the location, if appropriate.

Additionally you can click the panel to quickly access the database panels or adding a bookmark.

Destination display Edit

This display shows your current selected destination. Destinations could be recorded locations, trade markets or star systems. They can be manually set or TCE can select a destination automatically. It displays the star system name, the location/market name and the allegiance status, economy and the distance to the location, if appropriate.

Clicking the header button de-/activates the automatic selection of destination markets by TCE.

You can also click on it to open the DESTINATION PANEL, where you can manually select your current destination. Space stations and planetary ports are selected here. Other locations, like combat zones are set in the stored location area of the NAVIGATION panel as a destination.