The Position Display on the left showing your current position in the galaxy of Elite: Dangerous®.

The first information is the star system name, you are currently in. The second information could be the name of a planet, space station or of an already stored location. On top there is a display, showing your movement status, ranging from supercruise to docked.

To add a space station or a location to your database, you need to be present there. This is important to identify the position of the location in the galaxy. Thereafter your position is automatically identified on approach and the Position Display will show you that information.

The location data is also important for the navigation, because you can select a recorded location as your destination and you will be able to calculate a route to it with all required waypoints and jump distances.

In addition to the ED 2.2 patch, we received a journal log, recording your actions in game. With it, TCE have more information’s about your position and action and reporting them with the Event Reporter, see below.

Event Reporter Edit

This feature showing you additional information’s by using bars, sliding in and out, at the left of the screen. You should see it more as a companion that will remind you about your ship status, trade actions, and much more, so you will always be up-to-date. It has a text-to-speech option, if you don’t have the time to read an information.

You can move the Event Reporter to a different location on your screen by entering the CONTROL menu and selecting the PANEL button. You will now see a bar above the area, where the Event Reporter displays it's messages. Click & hold the bar with the left mouse button and drag it to the desired loaction.

You can also deactivate the Event Reporter or activating the Text-to-Speech option at the Options panel.