The ROUTE FINDER discovers the best two-way trade routes (A > B > A > B) between your recorded stations.

here are many filter options you can use to get the required results. You can set the scan range, the distance between the two stations, the maximum distance from the star of the stations, the jurisdiction, the minimum profit of a commodity per unit, the minimum total profit per route and the minimum stock of the goods of the stations.

Click on the SEARCH ROUTE button to find lucrative routes, which fits your filter settings.

Select a route and you can now preview the route with the PREVIEW TRADE ROUTE button and starting it with the START TRADE ROUTE button. When clicking on start, your destination is set to the closest station. The Trade panel opens to show your next destination. If you want to cancel a route, select the Trade Scout panel again and click on the button STOP TRADE ROUTE.

As a first step you should set up the filter settings for your search. Of course, the distance between trade stations can’t be greater than twice the search range.

To find the best bidirectional trade route, change the profit to one, the stock filter to your maximum loading capability of your space ship and the distance to star to an acceptable distance for you. Let allegiance untouched and set the pad size to medium and large or large only, depending on your current ship type.

Click on the SEARCH TRADE ROUTES button to display the results of your filter setting.

The trade route listing shows all found routes, ordered by total profit. Select a route by clicking on it and two new buttons appear.

The PREVIEW TRADE ROUTE button switches to the TRADE OVERVIEW panel, where both stations are displayed in detail. When you hide the panel, you will be returned to the ROUTE FINDER panel.

The START TRADE ROUTE button closes the panel and the auto-destination mode selecting the closest station of both. An indicator appears in the middle of the interface, which shows DIRECTING, if you have not reached one of the trade route stations.

When one of the stations is reached, the DESTINATION DISPLAY shows automatically the next station of the trade route and the indicator switches to ROUTE ACTIVE.

The POSITION and DESTINATION DISPLAY shows now more information’s about the commodities to buy. Also the buy and sell price is shown.

The indicator in the middle is also a button to cancel the trade route immediately. You can also it through the ROUTE FINDER panel by clicking on STOP TRADE ROUTE.