The Shopping panel gives you the opportunity to add an item to a list, which could be a commodity, incl. rares, outfitting gear, ship type or element, to quickly find, where to get the item.

First, choose an item category and make a double-click onto the item of the list, you want to find or track. The item is added to the shopping list and TCE quickly finds the next spot, where you can get that item. TCE will not show only the closest or cheapest, but a combination of both (price/LY). For elements like iron, sulfur, etc. the deposit concentration of a planet is shown, instead of a price and stock value.

You can remove an item from the list by clicking onto the category icon of the item or set the shown location as you destination by clicking the icon of the location. Furthermore, you are able to review all found locations for an item by clicking onto it. A list of found locations are shown thereafter, where you can select a different location than TCE selected for you.

All items at the list can be sorted with the buttons above the list, which are name, type, price, location or distance.

At the bottom, you can either recalculate the found locations for all items at the list, load or save a list, or clearing all items from the list.

At the Options panel (Event Reporter tab), you can activate a shopping alert, so TCE will automatic tell you, if some items are available at the current star system, when approaching it.