This extension is not free of bugs, so if you encounter a problem or error, please report it to the main thread of this extension:

To help identifying an error, please provide me some information’s about

1) what version of this extension you are using,

2) what version of Windows® you are using,

3) what you have done to trigger the error,

4) the error message itself,

5) the details block, by pressing DETAILS on the error report,

6) a screenshot of the TCE interface with the message.

Use the Report a Bug button at the launcher to quickly create an error report. Follow the guidelines of an error report as noted and attach the ErrorReportFiles.7z to the mail.

That would be really helpful.

If you having problems with the OCR scan of this extension, please activate the OCR PROCESS WINDOW at the OPTIONS panel.

When clicking on START OCR SCAN, this window will show and perhaps it will show an error report of EliteOCR. You have to close the window to continue. Otherwise this extension is halted.