This panel is used to show you the waypoint for a destination, you have selected, bookmark, you have set and favourites of your bookmark collection..

The WAYPOINT button shows a list of jump points to your next destination.

By default, all waypoints are calculated automatically, when a new destination is select. You can change the setting at the OPTIONS panel.

The list showing all star systems on the route to your destination, the star class and an info, if fuel scooping is possible and the distance from one waypoint to the next. The actual highlighted star system is your current position. When your last waypoint is reached, the list is automatically clear for the next route.

The BOOKMARKS button showing a list of locations, markets and star system, that you have added from the NAVIGATION panel and the distance to them from your current position.

You can delete a bookmark by clicking at the X. Doing a double-click on a bookmark you can rename the entry. The button selects the bookmark as your destination,

With the small box in front of the bookmark name, you can add it to or remove it from your favourite list.

By clicking the header of the list (NAME or DISTANCE) you can sort the bookmark accordingly.

The FAVORITES button showing all bookmarks, which got marked at the bookmark section. To remove a bookmark from the favorites list, click the small box in front of the favorite name.

When clicking at the Locations, Markets or Star System row, the content for the category is minimized. As like the bookmark section, you have to make a double click onto a favorite to set it as your destination.